Beginner's Guide to Skin Care

Beginner's Guide to Skin Care

With a plethora of beauty products out in the market, starting a skincare routine can be overwhelming. At some point, the urge to try and incorporate as many products into your skincare routine will hit you, ending in massive disappointment when nothing seems to work.

Although every skin type and condition are different, we suggest to start with the basic and essential steps for your daily skincare routine. The first and arguably most important step is cleansing. Proper cleansing ensures that you are removing all traces of dirt and sebum from your pores. It also allows any additional products to be fully absorbed by the skin. A single cleanse in the morning is sufficient, while a double cleanse is recommended at night to effectively remove makeup and other impurities you've encountered throughout the day.

The next step is hydration. Restoring moisture is vital in keeping the skin healthy and radiant. A dehydrated skin is prone to irritation, sensitivity, and more sebum production. And contrary to what most of us think, all skin types can actually become dehydrated - yes, even oily skin types. This condition happens when the skin barrier is compromised resulting to a loss of moisture within the skin cells. After cleansing, we recommend using a mild toner or a light essence with hydrating properties to refresh the skin, followed by a moisturiser to replenish and seal the natural oils of your skin. 

The last step for your daytime skincare, which you should never forget, is sun protection. Because of how harsh and damaging UV rays are, sunscreen should always be a staple product in your stash. Choose the right sunscreen for your skin type and it will be your best mate for life - always got you covered! 

Start with a simple routine and gradually introduce products into your skincare regimen. Please remember that when it comes to skincare, more isn't always better. 

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